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Why Cock Milking Is Like A Horizontal Gloryhole

cock milking

For men, the idea of sticking their penis in a hole and having it stroked until they come is the idea of a gloryhole. It can be anonymous, can be with someone they know, but the main goal is to have their cocks stroked until they orgasm. The purpose behind the gloryhole is to eventually achieve orgasm and when they do, sexual satisfaction is gained and they are very happy. Gloryhole action can also involve oral stimulation and blowjobs by women, and that is what makes the idea of a gloryhole exciting to most men in their lifetimes.

But, the idea of a horizontal gloryhole is something that most men haven’t thought of often. That involves the art and techniques of cock milking, which can give a man the most powerful orgasms that a man can ever have in his life. By giving in total control to their female partner during the cock milking, they submit their sexual powers to them and thus give in to total sexual satisfaction to that partner.

Since the goal of cock milking is to give a man a prolonged orgasm versus a quick orgasm, the horizontal position with a circular cutout is the best for the milking process. From a slow massage by the partner, to the female rubbing his cock with oil and slow massaging techniques, the process is one that builds over the time together with her man. Once her man is fully around and reaching erection status, she can turn him over and position herself under the table to milk her man’s cock full of semen. This hole in the table is something of a gloryhole type experience, but so much more.

Once a man has his cock through the cock milking hole, the woman is in control of his penis 100% of the time. She can stroke his cock, lick his balls, use one or both hands to stimulate him, and just when he thinks she is about to make him orgasm, pull away. Once she pulls away, she can restart the cock milking process and get him stimulated more, and once she thinks, he is sexually ready to orgasm, then produce the extraction process. The extraction process is something that the male will always remember, and it will produce levels of semen that he has never seen before in his lifetime.

The horizontal position is perfect for cock milking, since it puts the male in a submissive position and gives the female total control of him. It also gives the male the sexual satisfaction of having his cock milked like a cow, and then have all the semen shot out of his body by the female when desired. It can often increase the sexual health and prolong orgasms by the male, and make him sexually satisfied beyond relief. So, the hole is much like a gloryhole in many aspects, but the end result and process completely changes the sexual experience, and gives him the best orgasm of his life.